Monday, 26 July 2010

Tom Vague's Harrow Road Pop History - August 5th

Join us at londonprintstudio for Tom Vague's Harrow Road Pop History. It's a musical presentation and will feature Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, the 101ers, the Clash, Aswad, the Modettes, Big Audio Dynamite, Wilf Walker Reggae Promotions, the Windor Castle, the ZigZag Club, the Metro, Acklam Hall, Meanwhile Gardens, Centro Iberico, Mute, Mutoid Waste Company, William Orbit - and much more!

7pm Thursday August 5th

Coldcut are computer programmer Matt Black and ex-art teacher Jonathan More with West London associations. Their signature style is electronic dance music, featuring cut up samples of hip hop, breaks, jazz, spoken word and various other types of music. 'Timber' was made in collaboration with Hexstatic, who create 'quirky audio visual electro'. Enjoy!


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