Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sugar Minott

Lincoln Barrington "Sugar" Minott led started his vocal career in 1969 at the young age of 13 as part of the African Brothers, a Jamaican vocal harmony trio also featuring Tony Tuff and Derrick Howard.  Following the dissolution of the African Brothers Minott worked at one of the great learning grounds in Jamaican music- Coxsone Dodds Studio One, where he eventually released two albums of material in 1979- "Live Loving" and "Showcase" (and the later 1982 release, "More Sugar").  Following the success of two further albums, "Ghetto-ology" and "Black Roots", released on West London labels Trojan and Island respectively, he spent some of the early 80's living in the UK.

While Sugar did not have too many explicitly direct connections with West London, he was one of the few Jamaican artists to achieve international success while nurturing talent in his homeland.   Along with the aforementioned UK success Sugar also had a productive stint recording for Lloyd "Bullwackie" Barnes' label Wackies in New York, while he continued to promote other talent through his Youth Promotion soundsystem and "Black Roots" record label.  A selection of previously unexhibited photographs of Sugar Minott and members of his Youthman Promotion crew taken by Stella Whalley are on show at the Groove Grove Graphics exhibition.   

Sugar Minott died 11th July 2009 at the age of 54.  

  1. African Brothers - Righteous Kingdom
  2. Righteous Kingdom Dub
  3. Sugar Minott - Oh Mr DC (Studio One)
  4. Sugar Minott - Hard Time Pressure
  5. Sugar Minott - Dancehall Style
  6. Sugar Minott - You've lost it (plus DJ cut by Papa Honey aka Sugar Minott)
  7. Sugar Minott - Good Thing Going (U.K. TV appearance)
  8. Sugar Minott - International Herb (Wackies)
  9. Youthman Promotion dance 1986

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