Sunday, 25 April 2010


There are a couple of good pieces about Peter Metro and DJ Dominic in the Jamaica Gleaner from last week:

Dominick moves from journalism to deejaying
Story of the song: "Cockney and Yardie" combines foreign speech

Dominic is a Ladbroke Grove local, if you don't know much about him the interview on is a good place to start- I especially like the comment about Super Cat and Early B:

How they DJ is how they live, they’d be singing, “A de kitchen mi de, mi de listen reggae.”  And they’d have a tape playing and be cooking fish and all of that in the kitchen.  It was wicked.

Dominic is best known for his track "Boy George", recorded in Jamaica on Jammys, included on his Island Records LP "Ready For Dominic", and described with a nice turn of phrase in the Mel Cooke article as a song which:

"protested "who seh Dominick fava Boy George" and went on to list the things that Boy George did sexually that Dominick did not."

Caution: there is a little "slackness" in these clips, particularly from Lecturer in the third video.

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