Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Gorillaz Gall Grant

It's all over the news that Eddy Grant is furious with Gorillaz. He claims "Stylo", released by Damon Albarns cartoon supergroup is a "blatant rip off" of his 1982 track "Time Warp". Grant and Gorillaz both share their publishing company, EMI. "I am very angry that this was not picked up by our mutual publisher EMI's administration division."

"I do not blame my publishers but the state of the industry at the current time with all labels and publishers folding into one and becoming incestuous.

"It's such an obvious copy that from day one, the band and their management should have taken control of this situation with EMI Publishing.

"I would like the outcome to be that the band admits that they have lifted my song, that I have a full credit for the song and an apology from the band."

Eddy Grants 1983 smash "Electric Avenue" is one of the great London landmark songs. He also has prior relations with West London bands; the Clash covered his song "Police On My Back" for their album Sandinista! whose Mick Jones and Paul Simonen both appear on the new Gorillaz album.

What do you think?


  1. That is shocking! Its very unfortunate that Albarn et. al. didn't just credit him and pay the dues.

    This is the best song on Plastic Beach too! That'll teach us for listening to a cartoon monkeyband.

  2. Hello Sean Cranny here. I've been a big Blur fan for years (looking forward to the new DVD). Also, seen Gorillaz live and remember electric avenue from back in the day. I'd say its similar so I'm assuming it'll all be sorted over a nice cup of tea. Hope this isn't the best song on the album! And dare I say it I actually prefer the grant version after a very quick listen.

  3. They don't sound a bit alike. Anyone who thinks so must think all synth music sounds the same.

  4. i agree with the previous anonymous. it is a three beat progression but that doesn't mean it is the same. thats like saying you copied someone's song because it was about being in love